About Us

Civic Space Park_flicker-crystalswhiskey_04Our Mission: “Wright Engineering Corporation provides Quality Lighting and Electrical Engineering Solutions to our clients and the communities we work in, empowering them through the highest customer service and attention to design details.”

Our Vision at Wright Engineering is to be the Arizona Standard in Outdoor Lighting and Electrical Engineering Design.

Wright Engineering attributes their reputation to the fundamental core values that guide their team to success. These values define the remarkable company culture and how they interact with their clients.

  • Provide Outstanding Customer Service
  • Excellence in Design Quality
  • Be Responsible and Accountable
  • Ongoing and Shared Education
  • Comprehensive Focus on Constructability
  • Do Things Right and Do the Right Thing
  • Spread Joy to our Clients

Principal Engineers

R. Scott Wright, PE, LC

Wade T. Williams, PE
Vice President

Aaron D. Kutchinsky, PE
Vice President